Insurance for Ontario Gyms and Fitness Centres

Insurance for Ontario Gyms and Fitness Centres

November 17, 2022 / 5 mins read

If you are running a gym or fitness centre, you know there can be accidents. Let your gym goers and health heroes feel the burn, not you.

While you promote fitness and good health, you need to protect yourself with the right insurance package for your Ontario gym or fitness centre.

Ask your Western business insurance expert about what kind of gym and fitness centre insurance you need for your Ontario-based business.

We can help you get an insurance package that protects you whether you’re Thunder Bay, Salt Ste. Marie, Barrie, Aurora, Toronto, Newmarket, Georgetown, Milton, Waterloo, Sarnia, Windsor, or anywhere in Ontario where you are operating a gym or fitness centre.

What kind of gym or fitness centre insurance package do I need?

You have specialized equipment, employees, and members. You can have heavy foot traffic at certain times of the day while you offer a range of classes for different abilities. Equipment can be stolen or damaged. Accidents can happen.

Gym insurance can be customized to your needs, whether you are operating a gym, fitness centre or health club.

You will need a gym insurance package to protect your investment in the case of accidents, lawsuits, property damage, theft, fire, or employee injuries.

What’s in my Ontario gym insurance package?

It should include liability coverages: Commercial Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, and Employee Practices Liability. Ask your Western business insurance expert about how much liability coverage you will need for your gym or fitness centre.

Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: This type of insurance protects you against day-to-day risks of running your business, including slips and falls.

Commercial general liability insurance covers:

  • Medical bills if someone is injured on your business property
  • Property damage
  • Settlements
  • Legal expenses
  • Damage to property that your veterinary practice is renting
  • Libel, defamation, slander, and false advertising

Without CGL insurance, you would need to pay any claims against your business out of your own pocket.

Professional Liability Insurance: It covers errors or omissions by your employees, including advice about exercise or an exercise program that leads to a client’s illness or injury.

If a client feels your professional advice didn’t have the expected results, they could sue. Professional liability insurance covers legal fees and damages, including monetary judgments for claims alleging misconduct, negligence, or failure to deliver a service as advertised.

For example, a gym member takes the professional advice of one of your staff members and increases the speed of a treadmill faster than their capability and falls off, gets injured and sues your gym for negligence.

Product Liability Insurance: This type of coverage protects you against the risk of a customer claiming nutritional products, supplements, or equipment you sold them caused harm or damage.

Damages covered by product liability are usually the result of a manufacturing or design defect or marketing defect, such as an incorrect label or a lack of safety warnings.

Employee Practices Liability Insurance: This type of coverage protects you as an employer if an employee claims your facility has discrimination practices, poor practices as a fitness centre or gym, or engages in sexual misconduct.

Speak to your Western business insurance expert about the gym liability package that’s right for you.

What other coverages do I need?

Commercial Property Insurance: This coverage protects your gym or fitness centre and its contents. It can help keep you protected from property losses, such as theft, and vandalism. You can also add earthquake insurance, sewer backup or flood coverage extensions.

You’ll need to do a total inventory of all your business property to determine how much commercial property insurance you will need.

Let your Western business insurance expert explain in detail what is covered with Commercial Property Insurance.

Cyber Insurance: If your gym’s computer system is hacked, cybercriminals can steal your clients’ names, addresses and credit card information.

Without cyber insurance, you will have to pay out of your pocket for the cost of restoring your system. You may also be liable for damages to third parties whose information has been stolen and you may have to pay for notification expenses to inform customers affected by a breach.

Business interruption insurance: You may want to consider adding business interruption insurance to your gym or fitness centre insurance package.

If there is an insured loss at your clinic that is severe enough to prevent your Ontario gym or fitness centre from being open, the expenses associated with getting your business running again will be covered.

This type of policy usually covers vandalism, fire, wind, flooding, and other risks (make sure to understand what your policy covers). Your policy will help compensate you for lost income and expenses that you will need to continue paying even while you are unable to work.

This type of coverage can mean the difference between reopening your online business and going out of business.

Ask your Western business insurance expert for all the details about business interruption coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance: If you have a business car that you use for your gym or fitness centre, it needs commercial coverage as part of your insurance package. Your personal car or truck insurance usually won’t cover your company vehicles.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance: You have exercise equipment that can break down. Equipment Breakdown Insurance provides coverage for property damage from the sudden and accidental breakdown of insured equipment not automatically covered by a standard commercial property policy. You’ll need to have a list of the equipment at your gym or fitness centre and how much it’s worth.

How much gym insurance do I need and how much will it cost?

It’s unlikely that all gyms or fitness centres would pay the same monthly or annually for their coverage.

Here are some of the factors taken into consideration:

  • Operation size
  • Location
  • Experience
  • Training and education
  • Claims history

Ask your Western business insurance expert to help you get the right coverage at the right value to protect your Ontario gym or fitness centre.

Western Insurance has licensed BUSINESS INSURANCE EXPERTS to get your Ontario gym or fitness centre the right insurance package. Our experts are available now to help you navigate the business insurance journey to protect your veterinary business.

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